Tai chi keeps ageing at bay – it’s OFFICIAL!

hands thanks to BYPDid you know eye-hand coordination in finger-pointing declines with age in time and accuracy domains? In a recently published study however, Tai Chi practitioners attained significantly better accuracy than control subjects similar in age, sex, and physical activity levels.

The cross sectional study, by researchers at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, examined the ageing effect on speed and accuracy in finger pointing toward stationary and moving visual targets between young and older healthy subjects and whether or not Tai Chi practitioners perform better than healthy older controls in these tasks.   And they consistently did!  You can read an abstract of the research here

Just another of the many health and wellbeing benefits of tai chi!  And what better place to start, or refresh, your tai chi journey, than at Son Ametler, Mallorca, where you can enjoy a blissful week of Tai Chi, Reflexology and Walking, October 5-12th 2013.  It’s bound to take years off you!   Find out more here.  Limited spaces available.


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