2015 prices held for 2016. Now booking!

P1190172Before we’d even made it home to the UK, we had 3 bookings for our 2016 Week of Wellness.  Great forward planning!  And the great news is that we’re holding the 2015 prices over to 2016.  A WoW guest last week thought that it was “really excellent value for money”.  It will be even more so in 2016 with that price freeze.

What a wonderful week we had.  An intoxicating mix including a wonderful location, fabulous fresh food, energising and grounding tai chi, relaxing and soothing therapies, walks through beautiful and ancient landscapes, conversations and laughter with old and new friends, warmth on the skin, learning about ourselves and others, all contributed to the mix which ensures that guests truly feel they’ve enjoyed a balanced Week of Wellness with us.  The wonderful team at Son Ametler looked after us so well yet again.

2015 was our 10th Year. We’ve learnt a lot about ourselves during that time and also learnt from the dozens of people who’ve come to Mallorca from different continents and trusted us with their wellbeing. If you’d like to join us for our 2016 Week of Wellness, check out what its all about, prices and get in touch.  There’s limited availability!


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