Week of Wellness (10/10/15) earlybird DISCOUNT extended to end of Feb.


P1150784If you’re anything like me, your mind during the second half of January will have been full of invoices, receipts, diaries, creditors, travel claims and so forth, ie. completing and submitting your tax return.  Only now might you be able to see the possibilities beyond the 31st January and start to give the better things in life some attention, like chilling in the pool with the sun on your skin!

And so with this in mind, we’re extending our earlybird discount for our WoW Week of Wellness through to the end of February, giving you a whole month to get your holiday plans in order, and book to join us for a treat of week of tai chi, holistic therapies, walks, chillout time, being mindful, good food and wine, laughter, lazing by the pool, exploring the local area and generally feeling fabulous by the end of it!

We’ve only 3 ensuite rooms left at the wonderful Son Ametler.  Bring a friend and share the fun, save on the price.  And with the earlybird discount extended til the end of February, each person saves £50 off the fee.

Check it out today and contact us with any questions.



2015 Week of Wellness, 10-17th Oct – block it out in the diary!



son ametler dee 1014It’s an auspicious date, the 10/10 for our 10th Annual Week of Wellness! Make sure you put it in the diary and email for the application form to secure your place, as spaces are limited.

In 2014 we were blessed with amazing weather, fabulous food and a great group of people. As 2015 will be our 10th year in Mallorca it’s something to celebrate and so we shall.  Details to follow.  What you can be sure of is that Paola and James will once again look after us so well at Son Ametler, and that Jane and Helen will be ensuring that you enjoy a wonderful week and return home chilled, nourished, relaxed and recharged.

We’re offering earlybird discounts for those booking before the end of December 2014. Get in touch for details.

tai chi stars are born!

bhf cropDespite the continued atrocious weather across the South West of England, I spent a lovely afternoon with my Exminster tai-chiers, together with a film crew from the British Heart Foundation (BHF).  BHF are compiling 6 case studies of people who’ve have some form of cardiac disease or cope with some disability and demonstrating how they manage/improve/retain their health through various activities.  For two of the case studies that includes tai chi, with me!   

Let’s call these two lovely people Freda and Fred.  They’re different ages (88 yrs and mid 60’s), have lived very different lives, are managing very different conditions. Both have found something very positive in tai chi for improving their general health and wellbeing – be it around feeling more relaxed and calmer, having improved balance, increased energy levels, better mobility and stability, increased strength and not forgetting the social element – we’re focussed in class but don’t take ourselves too seriously.  Freda is getting a taste for stardom.  A long time fan of “Pretty Woman”, she “negotiated” with the BHF that they could only film her if they ensured Richard Gere came to town too!  

I’ve been pondering on what Freda and Fred have in common. The thing that springs to mind, loud and clear, is a positive “can-do” mindset, despite pain and disability and recovering from illness.  A salient reminder in itself of the importance of engaging the body AND mind in every aspect of our tai chi practise, and that bringing together of mind and body is one of tai chi’s great strengths.

I look forward to the world premiere of Freda and Fred’s videos later in the year.  As for me, I felt like the startled bunny caught in the headlights when the camera turned on me.  I’ll stick to teaching tai chi in Devon and Mallorca, Freda and Fred can tread the red carpet, mindfully of course 🙂

it’s all about balance…


balanced rocks Can Piquafort taichivinesworks 2010One of my tai chi “lightbulb” moments was when my teacher was talking about being rooted/grounded/sunk down in one side of the body, holding the body in balance with “three free limbs”. In developing that balance, through my tai chi practice, I place myself in a better position to make choices, choices about how and where I stepped.

And so it is in life. If we are in balance, physically and emotionally, we are in a strong position to take time and make choices, instead of wobbling over or bouncing around like a pinball as life comes at us from all directions. This idea has held me in good stead over the years and is now proving to be a lightbulb movement for some of my students. Fabulous.

To explore and play with your own balance, come and join us in Mallorca for our week of Tai chi, Reflexology and Walks (Oct 5-12) at the wonderful Son Ametler.  I challenge you not to feel more balanced and grounded by the end of the week. To find out more click here.

Best foot forward! Age is no barrier…

form cropDid you know this week is Age UK’s Fall Awareness Week when they support a wealth of events across the UK aimed at reducing people’s likelihood of falling? Today I ran two seated tai chi taster sessions as part of an event at Westbank, Exminster. Most participants hadn’t experienced tai chi before. We had fun exploring some of the ways tai chi can help to increase core stability and balance, maintain and improve mobility and just make you feel fabulously relaxed! One of my new students it turns out, is 83 years old. A very spritely 83 I think, with a twinkle in her eye, and a can-do attitude in the face of physical adversity. She’s joined the class to improve her balance (and her self belief that she won’t fall over) after a stroke, and she’s not the only one.

At the other end of the age spectrum, having made it home after these workshops, I found a facebook friend had shared an inspiring video of a 6 year old Chinese girl, demonstrating her form in a tai chi competition. Such fluidity, such focus, it was a delight to behold, and a salient reminder that there really is no age barrier to embarking on our tai chi journeys.

If you’re in Devon, UK, you can join weekly Chi and Biscuits classes on Friday, 10am, and at Westbank, 1.30pm.

If you’re anywhere in the world you can join us in Mallorca, October 5-12th 2013 for a week of tai chi, reflexology and walking bliss!

“No time to wait…”


lemons blue sky Pollensa“..No time to wait til her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began?

A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.”

(Leisure, by W.H.Davies.)

Make time to wait, make time to stand and stare. Oct 5-12th 2013, Mallorca. Tai chi, reflexology and walking.